Certified Emerging Technology Talent

At Perth IoT, we know credible talent should have globally recognised credentials accredited at the highest standard.

Standing out as a credible ICT professional in Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and other Emerging Technologies.

While emerging technologies are progressing towards maturity, they lack definition, consensus and inter-operability. Technology vendors market their platforms and technologies as the defacto, but inevitably as the technology matures more collaborative approaches such as open standards prevail.

A globally recognised certification that is vendor neutral is the only way to demonstrate unbiased technology agnostic expertise. 

Perth IoT is maintains a position on the CertNexus certification scheme committee which oversees the development of emerging technology micro-credential courseware and certifications.

Internet of Things Training

PerthIoT offers Australia and New Zealand  three IoT credentials.

IoTBIZ is a streamlined course for business leaders. It is a micro-credential where you will learn IoT terminology to understand the components of IoT infrastructure, uncover challenges for consideration, and the impact that IoT has on the organisation. Successful participants will be able to articulate the value IoT can bring for their organisation and the various business and technical challenges internet of things address.

Certified IoT Practitioner is for ICT Professionals who often have little or no experience working with embedded systems, sensor networks, actuators, real-time systems, and other components that are common to IoT. This course provides an understanding of how IoT components work with traditional IT networks, cloud computing, server based applications, desktop computers, and mobile devices. You will learn general strategies for planning, designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining an IoT system through various case studies and by assembling and configuring a phsyical IoT device to work in a sensor network. CIoTP has been developed in compliance with ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 standards.

Certified IoT Security Practitioner is for ICT professionals who recognise that cybersecurity for IoT is vastly different than traditional cybersecurity - it’s not simply IT or OT, Cloud or device security, it is about data in motion and a landscape of security challenges across an entire ecosystem. Up-skilling and validating skills of your IT and OT departments in IoT security removes barriers to IoT. The exam is designed for practitioners who are seeking to demonstrate a vendor-neutral, cross-industry skill set that will enable them to design, implement, operate, and/or manage a secure IoT ecosystem.

Cyber Security Training

Perth IoT is serious about security. We offer four courses for Australia and New Zealand that meet accreditation compliance standards of ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024. They're approved by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to fulfill Directive 8570/8140 requirements, as well as UK GCHQ Certified Training (GCT) and Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) amongst others.

Incident Responce Biz (IRBIZ) covers cyber security incident response methods and procedures which are taught in alignment with industry frameworks such as US-CERT’s NCISP (National Cyber Incident Response Plan), and Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 41on Cyber Incident Coordination Policy. It is ideal for candidates who have been tasked with managing compliance with state legislation and other regulatory requirements regarding incident response, and for executing standardized responses to such incidents.

CyberSafe is an organisational cyber awareness program for general staff. A single email can lead to a multi-million dollar breach in seconds, and the employee responsible may not even be aware of their mistake. The problem is that many end users are not aware of the dangers accompanying today’s most common cybersecurity threats, much less how to detect them. CyberSAFE™ will enable your employees to identify the most common risks involved in using conventional, mobile, and cloud technologies, as well as how to protect themselves and your organization from cyber threats. Cyber awareness training is no longer a nice-to-have for per record organizations. With thousands of laws across the globe, and monetary penalties on the rise, organizations are now requiring their staff receive cyber awareness training annually. Studies show that implementing a company-wide cyber awareness training program can reduce incidents by up to 70%. In addition, organizations who complete voluntary cyber awareness programs can submit to reduce cybersecurity insurance premiums. 

Cyber Secure Coder is focused on OWASP Top Ten and will teach you about vulnerabilities that undermine security, and how to identify and remediate them in your projects. You will learn general strategies for dealing with security defects and misconfiguration, how to design software to deal with
the human element in security, and how to incorporate security into all phases of development.

The stakes for software security are extremely high, and yet many development teams deal with software security only after the code has been developed and the software is being prepared for delivery. As with any aspect of software quality, to ensure successful implementation, security and privacy issues should be managed throughout the entire software development lifecycle. 

Cyber security first responder is for Cybersecurity professionals who require a well-rounded understanding of the tools, processes, and strategies that can be employed to defend their information systems from constant evolving threats. CyberSec First Responder (CFR) is a comprehensive certification designed to validate the knowledge and skills required to protect critical information systems before, during, and after an incident. 

Artificial Intelligence Training

In the past, popular thought treated Artificial Intelligence (AI) as if it were the domain of science fiction or some far-flung future. In the last few years, however, AI has been given new life. The business world has especially given it renewed interest. However, AI is not just another technology or process for the business to consider—it is a truly disruptive force, one that promises to deliver an entirely new level of results for all aspects of the business. Even organizations that resist adopting AI will feel its impact. If the organization wants to thrive and survive in this transforming business landscape, it will need to harness the power of AI.

Despite its promises, AI can seem like a daunting concept for business professionals. How can you hope to apply AI to your own business if you can't see beyond the vague buzzwords and hype? That's why AIBIZ was created: to give you the essential knowledge of AI that you'll need to steer the business forward.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have become an essential part of the toolset for many organizations. When used effectively, these tools provide actionable insights that drive critical decisions and enable organizations to create exciting and innovative products and services.

This course shows you how to apply various approaches and algorithms to solve business problems through AI and ML, follow a methodical workflow to develop sound solutions, use open source, off-the-shelf tools to develop, test, and deploy those solutions, and ensure that they protect the privacy of users.

AIBIZ offers business leaders, project managers, and other stakeholders with a streamlined course and associated credential to drive their AI strategy. AIBIZ candidates will learn AI concepts, approaches to machine learning and deep learning, fundamentals of AI implementations, and the impact of AI including business use cases.

Certified AI Practitioner helps ICT professionals develop the knowledge and skill sets of AI concepts, technologies, and tools that will enable candidateto become a capable AI practitioner in a wide variety of AI-related job functions.This certification exam is designed for practitioners who are seeking to demonstrate a vendor-neutral, cross-industry skill set within AI and with a focus on Machine Learning (ML) that will enable them to design, implement, and hand off an AI solution or environment.

Data Science Training

Data is plentiful resource. Organizations who are able to select, manipulate, analyze, predict and derive value from the data will gain a significant edge. Understanding what Data Science is, how it can impact your business and how to best implement a data science initiative can make your organization more competitive in this rapidly changing marketplace.

Data Science Biz is designed for business leaders and decision makers, including C-level executives, project managers, HR leaders, Marketing and Sales leaders, and technical sales consultants, who want to increase their knowledge of and familiarity with concepts surrounding data science. Other individuals who want to know more about basic data science concepts are also candidates for this course.

Certified Data Science Practitioner certification exam is being designed for practitioners who are seeking to demonstrate a vendor-neutral, cross-industry skill set within data science.

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