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IoT Solutions

At Perth IoT, we think IoT Solutions should be simple and secure. We work with great partners to bring you emerging technology solutions that meet your budget, deliver value and move your company into the digital world.

IoT People Counters

Any organisation that deals with people will want to understand when, where and how many people were there. IoT People Counters are ideal for monitoring and reporting on the number of people in the area over time.
This is suitable for security solutions, social distancing reporting, event and attraction statistics and more.

IoT Sensor Alerts

What would you do if you could know when something about your asset changes including temperature, brightness, motion, noise, moisture, chemical composition? Asset maintenance can be optimised, reduced or even prevented by knowing how they perform.
Something as simple as a leaky water tank can cause big issues.

Wireless IoT Data Network

Perth IoT Communications Network uses LoRa from The Things Network. There are also many other wireless protocols with different strengths and weaknesses. Radio communications is a complex field of expertise and can take a lot of time to troubleshoot. Let Perth IoT help you find the right expertise.

IoT Business Models

Getting maximum value from your existing IoT data requires thinking beyond the obvious. Machine data when combined with other sources of data can identify events that can radically transform your processes and way of working. For example, imagine if your call centre exists for outbound opportunistic customer calls rather than inbound customer complaints.

Perth Open Data Hub

The City of Perth worked with the Perth IoT Community to build an open data portal to share IoT sensor data. This is a foundational component of a smart city digital infrastructure and encourages benefits for citizen scientists, the public sector (such as other local government authorities), commercial and retail businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators, residents and community groups.

ResAlert to fight pandemics

A tool to contribute to reduce the social and economic impact of Covid-19 and slow the spread of CoVID-19 and future respiratory illness epidemics. It does this by analysing and alerting people when recordings of their breathing presents abnormalities.
It is planned to preserve privacy using blockchain and AI technology that enforces decentralised control.

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