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Internet of Things Talent, Solutions & Community Ecosystem

An ecosystem of purpose driven people and services 

Named after its birthplace city in Western Australia, Perth IoT is a purpose-driven organisation founded by Tom Zorde, 2018 ACS national digital disruptor award winner.

As your success partner, we leverage superior knowledge, influence and eco-system reach to help you succeed with Internet of Things (IoT).

We've helped many achieve the promised outcomes of emerging technologies like IoT by focusing on people ahead of technology, fact ahead of hype, and sustainable outcomes for our planet ahead of profit.

We operate a pragmatic and technology agnostic advisory and referral service to find the best solutions, talent and community partners to fit your unique purpose.

We consider IoT a game-changing technology that empowers people and organisations with superior intelligence for improved outcomes for society, the environment and the economy. 


We run unique communities of motivated volunteers. They've demonstrated that building Internet of Things talent, platform capability and smart IoT solutions starts with three things:

1. Helping and sharing with each other openly to experiment with, learn about, and demonstrate Internet of Things.

2. Self-organizing around positive goals for social and environmental outcomes ahead of economic outcomes.

3. Inclusion of the entire community: citizens, academia, industry and government in an open decentralized manner.


Our community volunteers have helped build a globally recognised ISO/ANSI/IEC 17024 accredited IoT certification course.

We are certifying IoT, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science experts across Australia and New Zealand to meet the growing demand of certified emerging technology talent.


Internet of Things solutions help you understand and control the physical world from remote distances. IoT Solutions help you reduce waste, intercept events, optimise your resources and make smarter decisions.


When values align, partnerships is an effecient and effective way to deliver. If your organisation would like to partner with Perth IoT please get in contact.

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