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IoT Risks

At Perth IoT, we take a risk based approach to all endevours and consider people and the environment ahead of economic benefits.

Risks of Internet of Things

Internet of Things like other emerging technologies should be considered with caution. Likelihood and consequence of unintended ramifications should be determined and mitigated by design.

IoT solution architects must consider all aspects of change including 2nd and 3rd degree impact to people and supply chain processes such as suppliers of suppliers and customers of the customers.

Ethical consideration of the moral problems related to IoT data must be considered well in advance of releasing any IoT product. The generation, recording, curation, processing, dissemination, sharing and usage of IoT data as well as the algorithms including artificial intelligence (AI), artificial agents, machine learning (ML) and robotic process automation (RPA) must be also be carefully considered.

Ethical frameworks for emerging technologies are rapidly evolving along with the related practices for creating IoT solutions. These include responsible innovation, project management and software development in order to formulate and support solutions that display the right conducts and values against a morally good framework.

Perth IoT do not start with discussions about technology. We focus on benefits and risks to people and the environment ahead of economics.

The importance of the ecosystem for emerging technology adoption

Government and city councils considering emerging technologies such as IoT for enabling a smart city, must understand that to realise the value of such an emerging technology, in a safe and effective way, they need to engage the broader ecosystem of players including the local community of citizens, industry, and academia.

Companies considering digital transformation of their value chain, likewise, must engage and work with a greater scope of stakeholders. Internet of Things, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science and Analytics are emerging technologies that are best adopted by partnering with an open ecosystem of players for learning and sharing. Emerging technologies are not mature, standardised and easily inter-operable. Risks to privacy, cyber security and ethical operation are real and should not be downplayed.

Many cities have thriving communities of citizens willing to learn, experiment and demonstrate innovations using emerging technologies. These ecosystems thrive because they freely share their knowledge and experience to help each other on the path of discovering the benefits that can be realised.

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