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We're seeking expressions of interest from volunteers to join a community project.


This project will build a tool to contribute to fight the social and economic impact of Covid-19 and slow the spread of CoVID-19 and future respiratory illness epidemics by alerting people when recordings of their breathing presents crackling or wheezing. It could be used in combination with standard self-assessment questions.

The project is already running, and you are welcome to contribute or follow.


In discussions with Dr Ben Goertzel, who heads a partner organisation of Perth IoT called Decentralised Artificial Intelligence Alliance (DAIA), I suggested the idea for a privacy-preserving respiratory analysis app, which I called “ResAlert”. It will use artificial intelligence to identify anomalies in recordings of human breathing and alert the user. Ben confirmed feasibility and put me in contact people and resources to make it happen.

For context, DAIA exists to foster privacy-preserved data sharing between AI services. Technically this is implemented through a blockchain based decentralised marketplace called SingularityNet and Ocean protocol. This will be an important technology for the long-term democratization of the value and control offered by AI and the Internet of Things.

The project has two members thus far:

• Tom Zorde leading the project and product direction; and
• Dr. Deborah Duong leading AI development

We require people to help with:

• Backend & API development; and
• User experience (Frontend developer)
• Data analysis and AI support
• Marketing and Communications


These DAIA technologies are not expected to underpin ResAlert in the first stage, but I plan that ResAlert will be deployed there once proven and operational to ensure privacy preservation at the highest degree. DAIA is conveniently running a hackathon called CoVIDathon to build privacy-centric solutions for CoVID19 using AI & Blockchain technologies. I have signed up, with the hope that as a great idea, it will be awarded resources from SingularityNet and Ocean Protocol which will be needed to attract needed talent and resources.

Check out the submission being drafted at

The project is planned to deliver a working prototype by 1st June 2020.

This means we need to:

1. Create ResAlert Algorithm, Train it with initial open data and develop alerts and analytic reports
2. Create ResAlert backend storage and API’s (With intent to later migrate to SingularityNet and Ocean Protocol)
3. Create ResAlert Front end user interface for various platforms. Various people can do this with their own apps in different languages etc..
4. Create and manage marketing campaign and coordinate sponsors and media.

ResAlert will deliver:

• A way to slow spread of respiratory viruses
• A way to reduce impact on medical services
• Anonymous & private feedback to reduce anxiety and empower user
• Alerts to user when abnormalities are evident
• Support alternative self-diagnosis tools and questionnaires such as CDC Coronavirus Self-Checker
• Open source code that the world can use and improve
• Machine learning algorithm, initially trained with publicly available data, that can detect crackles and wheezing in recordings of human respiratory breathing
• A simple user interface to demonstrate operation
• Strict privacy and anonymity 


If you are interested in volunteering, please click the button below to email me with your details about your relevant skills and experience and what parts of the project you are able to contribute to.

You will need to be willing to:

• Commit time between now and June 1st 2020
• Learn new skills and work in a virtual online team
• Volunteer your skills and knowledge without monetary payment (yes some people can't get their head around that - But look what's possible)

In return you will receive:
• The opportunity to make a difference to fighting Covid-19 and future respiratory illness epidemics
• The opportunity to make a difference to future architectures for privacy-preservation and decentralised technologies
• Experience and learnings from being involved in a disruptive and unconventional project working with extraordinary talent.


Tom Zorde
Founder Perth IoT

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